Case Study 1: Supplier Recommendation

A European media company wanted to find an online gambling partner for its 100+ newspaper titles.

We worked with them develop a tender process and to identify potential partners. We then conducted the tender process on their behalf - analysing responses, and drawing up a shortlist. We also assisted with the final interviews.

Because of our input the media company was able to go on to develop an effective online gambling strategy, secure in the knowledge that it was working with the right partner.

Case Study 2: Investment decision advice

A private equity fund had made a significant investment in a European gambling operator and was seeking confirmation of the most appropriate time to realise their investment.

We undertook SWOT and PEST analyses of the operator’s business, focussing the short- and medium-term futures. We benchmarked the operator against its major competitors and compared their business strategies.

Our report provided the private equity fund’s board with the evidence it needed to make the decision to sell its share in the operator.

Case Study 3: Business plan and strategic advice

Our client was a Europe-based gambling operator who had become aware that a European jurisdiction was considering liberalising its gambling laws in response to a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling, and wanted to explore the implications of this by expanding into this jurisdiction.

We worked with the operator to identify the financial, political and reputational costs of such an expansion. Our plan demonstrated that the costs of expansion significantly exceed the benefits, and we recommended that they pursue opportunities elsewhere. The operator followed our advice.