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to Curacao

The destruction of the regulated gambling market has started with the forthcoming introduction of affordability, the limiting of online stakes and the proposed imposition of horseracing Levy on turnover.

This is just the start of a clampdown on gambling where an idologically driven regulator will do everything in its limitless powers to turn gambling into tobacco and try and get it regulated almost out of existence.

The flight to the black market has started and your customers will increasing move there rather than suffer ever more intrusive financial checks just so they can get a bet on. You as an operator will have to endure ever higher regulatory compliance costs, the constant risk of arbitary fining the ever greater restrictions on the gambling products you can offer and advertise. The UKGC has no concern about your commerical well-being.

We can see many reasons to still obtain or retain a UKGC licence and we recommend that the best option at the moment is to have both.

You need to be where your customers are going.

Get in contact with today to discuss what's best for you.

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