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Isle of Man Licensing

Follow your customers offshore as the UK becomes more and more gambling unfriendly due to the regulator being captured by anti-gambling groups.

One of the premier off-shore jurisdictions is the Isle of Man

Key benefits:

  • Tier-1 regulation and gold-standard licensing framework.

  • A quick licensing process of just 12 weeks

  • Multiple banking and PSP solutions.

  • A recognised offshore international financial centre and reputation for digital innovation

  • 0% corporation tax, no capital gains tax and a low personal income tax rate.

  • The opportunity for licensees to advertise to the UK market, as the Island is listed by the UK Gambling Commission.

  • Government grant funding for relocation, hardware, software and marketing.

  • A low taxation policy, political and economic stability, with a low gaming duty of between o.1% and 1.5% of gross profit.

  • 100% player protection

  • OECD whitelisting and membership of the World Trade Organisation.



Isle of Man Licences:


Full licence holders register their own players, keep their player data and are responsible for the anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) requirements. Full licence holders can also allow other businesses to either Sub-licence or White Label under them.


A network licence is similar to a full licence, however it provides more B2B options which complement the Sub-licence or White Label. Network licence holders are able to enter into agreements with other operators located in other jurisdictions, which becomes known as a network partner. Network licence holders can allow network partner registered players to play their games, without the requirement to reregister. They also do not have any AML or KYC responsibilities for these players, as this lies with the network partner. Network partners are not liable to pay any duty or fees to the Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC).


Elective rather than mandatory, many software businesses choose to become licenced in order to demonstrate adherence to the top-tier Isle of Man standards, giving reassurance to B2B partners.

A software supplier holding a licence can have their products listed as approved on the GSC’s website and any IOM B2C operator can then deploy these games on their site without needing to acquire RNG testing certificates. The licence can also be applicable to other service providers in the gaming industry such as affiliates and live dealer studios, who can also benefit from the reputation of the Isle of Man’s regulatory standards, along with their B2B partners.

Some of the standard licence conditions do not apply to the Software Supplier licence, i.e. those which relate to player registration such as server location, KYC and AML, as no player data is held. No gaming duty is due as no bets are taken.

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