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Maltese Licensing

As UK customers rapidly escape the restrictions of it ideologically anti-gambling regulator, why not consider an offshore license in the global hub of online gambling, Malta.

A prestigious jurisdiction that carries a wealth of credibility for expansion into other neighbouring European regulated markets.

Key benefits:

  • A strong regulatory framework.

  • A full EU member state and a Eurozone location.

  • Multiple banking and PSP solutions.

  • A highly efficient fiscal regime which avoids double taxation of taxed company profits distributed as dividends.

  • A stable legal and political environment with strong regulatory standards and a

  • professional and efficient regulator.

  • A well-regulated jurisdiction, with favourable VAT legislation, highly qualified person rules, resulting in reduced personal tax for eligible gaming professionals.

  • A recognised eGaming hub with low fees and gaming taxes and robust player protection


Malta Licences:


A B2B licence includes the supply and management of material elements of a game or the control system on which software resides, as well as the supply and management of software, to generate, capture, control or process essential regulatory records.


A B2C licence includes the offering, provision or operation of a gaming service, the hosting of a person on premises accessible to the public, or the making available or operation of a gaming device or gaming system.

If a licence in Malata if of interest get in contact with us by clicking here

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