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UKGC Licensing

Everyone who offers gambling products to UK citizens is required to be licensed by the UK gambling regulator, the Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Licenses are based on the gambling activity being offered;

  • casino (including bingo & poker),

  • betting (including pool betting),

  • lotteries,

  • gaming machines,

  • white labels Limited only provides licensing advice to remote gambling companies. 

Prize competitions and free draws are not considered gambling and do not need licensing.

Any gambling software used by operators must be licensed, whether they have developed themselves or use a third parties. The writing of any gambling software without a licence is an offence.

Operator licences are awarded to the company offering the gambling. The main C-level personnel of the company; CEO, CFO, CTO & CMO, all need to be personally licensed. Each licensed company must have a licensed chief compliance officer (CCO). Any person who is the ultimate owner of the company and owns 10% or more must also be personally licensed.

Start-ups may apply for Small Operators Exemption whereby a minimum of 3 people can be licensed to undertake the 5 main roles (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO & CCO).

The UKGC charge an application fee and licensing fee based on the expected revenue that an operator will make.

The UKGC states that it takes 4 months from submission of the licence application to make a decision on whether to grant a licence.

Licence applications are welcome from personnel and companies based anywhere in the world.

We manage your application for both operator and personal licences.


  • Write your company policies on anti-crime, problem gambling and fairness as required by the UKGC

  • Help you write your business plan as required by UKGC

  • Provide you with a checklist of all the documentation you require

  • Manage the documentation collection and submission

  • Write letters to the UKGC to explain lack of documentation if necessary

  • Manage the application process

  • Submit the application

  • Assist with UKGC case worker communications

Most importantly we check your every submission to ensure that only correct documents and answers get submitted

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